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    At BAAR Art Journey and Residency, our goal is to expand art enthusiasm, investment and collections via an inclusive and diverse lens on a global level. We assess markets in the US, Asia, and Europe. ALL ecosystems have their own unique culture and we connect the dots, because we want to lower the BAAR for fine art access and discovery by those representative of society, but "Raise the BAAR" for art diversity, equity and inclusion efforts by gallerists, museums, fairs and collector circles.

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    Data can be powerful. BAAR's, "Diversity in Art, Creative Places, and Spaces" study closely examines access and inclusion in art and creative spaces. We evaluate art fair inclusion, acquisition, curation and underrepresented artist / collector integration as society becomes more polarized post pandemic. Borders are closing to foreigners, business owners prefer to work with their own kind, art acquisitions are becoming more regulated, and art prices are rising.  Artist discovery has become digital and accessible to all. 

    The first large-scale study of artist diversity in major U.S. museums, was conducted in March 2019, and provides estimates of gender and ethnic diversity at each museum, concluding that 85% of artists are white and 87% are men. It also observes that the majority of efforts to increase diversity are focused on visitors and staff rather than the artists represented in the collections (Topaz, 2019).


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    'Bridging the Gap" between art lovers and institutions

    BAAR applies an inclusive lens to the art world while leveling the playing field for those who enjoy, create and acquire art.  We explore: "How people discover, acquire, and access mainstream creative channels. Most importantly, what makes access easier for some people versus others.