BAAR brings together over 50 years of experience in the art, foundation, museum, and innovation ecosystems. We possess deep collector knowledge, emerging and contemporary artists relationships, and global influence. We assist institutions and collectors with acquiring, engaging and the placement of works of art from emerging, mid career and contemporary artists representing the African Diaspora.


    We are advocates for artists. We amplify their voices and their works to enable them to maintain sustainable careers as artists. Our first BAAR Art Residency Program pilot just wrapped up in Berlin, Germany. We start accepting applications for Cohort #2 in October 2023.

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    We help collectors, art fairs, galleries and institutions identify, relate, and align with artists + artworks representative of todays' society, and provide community for inclusive art collectors and their collections. We have built a global network inclusive of gallerists, educators, curators, women and underrepresented artists across the globe.

    We partner with gallerists, institutions, and artists to amplify works which are relevant, thought provoking, and value oriented. #CULTUREMATTERS

    - Minimizing Barriers to Art Acquisition We make art collecting assessible for all. We are art advisors helping art enthusiasts and collectors add more art to their collections via our Art Money financing infrastructure.

    - Inclusive Art Thinking Workshops for Institutions

    - Collectors Circle - Art Collectors Jazz Café

    - Last Chance - Institutions Last Call

    - Art Pitch Sessions - Starting November 20, 2021

    - Societal Impressions - A Research + Community Engagement Project - SOCIAL IMPRESSIONS (coming soon)

    - Press Office and Podcast Production Services - We reach English speaking art enthusiasts and underrepresented collectors throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas.



    Send an email to: info@baaresidency.com