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    We want artists to create "UNAPOLOGETICALLY" during their time with us. A BiTHOUSE Projects we believe in cross border collaboration, artist integrity, growth and overall wellness. For up to two months three times a year we invite and artist to utilize our space as their studio. During their time with us they can partake in workshops, receive peer to peer mentorship and more.





    We invite artists to apply to utilize our space in Basel free of charge from January 2 - February 23 in order to create a new series of work or wrap up a curent series for a solo show to take place March 14 - April 15 2024 in our gallery space during our official grand opening.


    BITHOUSE Projects "minimizes barriers to entry" by focusing on creators equity and generational wealth. Studio space is hard to come by and we want to take away this burden from the artist and this is why we created our GALLERY STUDIO program. BASEL is the epicenter of art, food, health, and culture in Europe.  


    Basel is home to 40 museums, and has the highest concentration of museums in the country. Internationally known museums, such as the Basel Art Museum, Fondation Beyeler and the Museum of Cultures which attracts many visitors throughout the year.


    Art Basel was started in 1970 by Basel gallerists Ernst Beyeler, Trudl Bruckner and Balz Hilt. In its inaugural year, the Basel show attracted more than 16,000 visitors who viewed work presented by 90 galleries from ten countries. By 1975, five years after its founding, the Basel show reached almost 300 exhibitors. Galleries came from 21 countries, attracting 37,000 visitors. In 2023, the flagship fair in Basel reported strong sales to institutions and private collectors from across the globe. The fair attracted 82,000 attendees throughout the week, and reinforced its position as the most important convening point for the global art world, according to press reports.


    We look forward to providing hosting an artist with studio space in our innovation hub / art gallery in the wonderful city of Basel.


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    Our Artist Selection Committee

    We are honored to have artists: Jerrell Gibbs, Robert Peterson, Tschabalala Self, and Tony Parker.  








    only a few tram stops from the Messe

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    Our space serves as an innovation hub for female and underrepresented founders to pitch and align with investors and new customers.

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    Oue exhibitions amplify the creative expression of artists, "UNAPOLOGETICALLY."

    This art work was created by:

    Artist: Atiye Afolabi

    Title: “Love and Loyalty ll,

    Year: 2022 part of the “Berlin Files: Unapologetic” exhibition. (BAAR Art Journey and Residency)

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    Our space serves as an innovation hub for female and underrepresented founders with innovative solutions that are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and those which are environmentally friendly. We provide a safe space for them to pitch and align with investors and new customers.