10.12 - 06. 01. 2023

    We invite you to view BERLIN FILES which is part of the BAAR ART Journey and Residency traveling exhibition titled: UNAPOLOGETIC. Out of 180 applications from African Diaspora artists across the globe, BiTHOUSE GROUP, the creators of BAAR Art Journey and Residency selected six artists from America to live for six weeks In Berlin, Germany and chose four local African Diaspora and LatinX artists to participate in the year long art exhibition and educational journey. For more information send an email to: Wilhelmina J Sparks (jewell@united17.com) or info@baaresidency.com. Artworks can be seen in Berlin at both BODE projects (Berlin gallery partner - Solo Exhibition of Ambrose Murray also taking place), and Stiftung Starke (holiday exhibition). BAAR Art Journey and Residency program is a 501c3. Our gallery of works for sale is operated by BAAR Art LLC and UNITED17 Venture Lab. Want to support? Contact us.


    This video recaps what happened during our BAAR Art Journey and Residency pilot program which started October 2, 2022. In this video you see the artists preparing for the BERLIN FILES art exhibition which is an extension of the UNAPOLOGETIC art exhibition which first took place at Stiftung Starke in Berlin. This program was created by Wilhelmina Jewell Sparks in order to aid with creators equity and generational wealth. The program is meant to support artists with their craft and aid with creating ArtPreneurs. The ArtPreneur©  element of the program teaches artists financial literacy, elements regarding their works, and art sales are inclusive of royalties paid to artists upfront, as well as a donation to the artist to invest in a charitable organization of their choice.


    • Artist Management (representation)
    • Artist Development (critique, lectures) 
    • Artist Network Building (institutions, curators, private collectors, museums, retail, hospitality) 
    • Cross Border Residency


    • Art Engagement Tools
    • Artist Discovery
    • Collector Alignment
    • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Programming
    • Editorial


    • Artist Discovery
    • Collection Placement
    • Collection Curation
    • VIP Art Experiences


    • Artist Discovery
    • Network Expansion
    • African Diaspora Curation
    • Editorial