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    We have created an art journey and residency program which supports underrepresented, African Diaspora and LatinX artists.

    Artists in our portfolio are emerging and mid career artists. We are focused on enhancing creators equity and generational wealth.

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    This video recaps what happened during our BAAR Art Journey and Residency pilot program which started October 2, 2022. In this video you see the artists preparing for the BERLIN FILES art exhibition which is an extension of the UNAPOLOGETIC art exhibition which first took place at Stiftung Starke in Berlin. This program was created by Wilhelmina Jewell Sparks in order to aid with creators equity and generational wealth. The program is meant to support artists with their craft and aid with creating ArtPreneurs. The ArtPreneur©  element of the program teaches artists financial literacy, elements regarding their works, and art sales are inclusive of royalties paid to artists upfront, as well as a donation to the artist to invest in a charitable organization of their choice.


    • Artist Management (representation)
    • Artist Development (critique, lectures) 
    • Artist Network Building (institutions, curators, private collectors, museums, retail, hospitality) 
    • Cross Border Residency


    • Art Engagement Tools
    • Artist Discovery
    • Collector Alignment
    • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Programming
    • Editorial


    • Artist Discovery
    • Collection Placement
    • Collection Curation
    • VIP Art Experiences


    • Artist Discovery
    • Network Expansion
    • African Diaspora Curation
    • Editorial 


    Music tech exec, Troy Carter talks about supporting artists when its needed the most.. "Support artists at the beginning of their careers." Troy collects artists such as: Rashid Johnson, Lorna Simpson, Theaster Gates, and Mark Bradford according to this video created by Art Basel.

    We celebrate Troy Carter for being a champion for African American artists.



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Terms & Conditions

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Artist Residency

Residencies are coordinated and organized by BAAResidency and Associates and UNITED 17 Ventures UG alongside third party partners. BAAResidency is not liable for damages enroute or when on the premises. It is the responsibility of the artist and our partners to provide accurate information regarding the venues, locations and third party vendors providing lodging, space and patrons with access to the art, artists and itinerary aligned with BAAResidency activities while in Europe, Asia and USA.   If activities, lodging or other arrangements are are not on official letterhead from BAAResidency, then BAAResidency is not liable for incidences or activities engaged in during the residency.

Complaints & Right of withdrawal

Right of withdrawal
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- If you choose to terminate our services, you must send us notification via email and certified mail. 
- BAAResidency does, however, reserve the right to charge an administration fee for contract cancellation and network access incurred if a justified reason for cancellation of advisory or collector management is not provided.

Our network ecosystem has been built over decades, therefore we value these networks. Access is granted as a result of  trust amongst those we serve and those who help us provide visibility of both the artists and the institutions we serve.  
Please note that the right of withdrawal does not apply to collection loans and /?or artist representations which have already been promised to our partners for upcoming programming, events or fairs. 


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Holidays and breaks

Unless otherwise stated, our courses follow their regular schedule on both holidays and breaks.


We may be able to refund your tuition if you file an application, along with a written doctor's certificate stating that you are ill. 

Masterclass Workshops

Your booking is binding. If you withdraw your application 30 days or more before the workshop begins, we will refund the entire tuition minus an administrative charge of $120 or 100 euros.